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Healthy Kidneys

If beans were the size of a fist, they would resemble the human kidney. Located in the abdomen below the ribcage and behind the stomach, the kidneys are part of the urinary system that also [...]

The Bun Test

In diagnostic circles, BUN is the acronym for Blood Urea Nitrogen – a test recommended by physicians to check the working of the kidneys. While Blood Urea Nitrogen or BUN can be a [...]

Keeping the Workplace Clean

Referring to good or bad habits, we say that “it all begins at home.” On careful thought, shouldn’t it be “it all begins at the workplace?” We spend 8-12 hours on average at work. The rest is [...]

The Sunshine Vitamin

It is a normal routine to slather on sunscreen to avoid sunburn and tan while heading out in the sun. On the other side, people who live in the cold regions prefer to holiday in tropical [...]


Fat is a single word with multiple manifestations, one of which is triglycerides – a lipid (non-soluble fatty acid) found in the blood.  Surplus calories are stored as triglycerides and used by [...]

Hydrated And Healthy

The human body is made up of 60% water.  This water keeps the organs functioning efficiently, flushes out toxins, lubricates the joints, hydrates the skin and increases energy.  Simply sipping [...]

Decluttering at Work

Everyone likes to come back to a clean desk every morning, and more often than not, we do.  The clean desk is but a short-lived reality, for slowly creep out the files, sheets of paper and [...]

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