The Salesforce as a Brand Image

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The salesforce is the ambassador of an organization, communicating to the business world not only about its products and services, but also its values and vision. So, whatever the salesforce portrays through its presence is accepted as a brand image.

Developing a dynamic salesforce is always at the heart of an organization, and it leaves no stone unturned in the endeavor, be it incentives, training, soft skill, etiquette, or counseling.

At a physical level, winning salespeople faithfully follows these five fundamental rules.

Dressing Sense

They always wear clean, well-pressed formal clothes and polished footwear, maintaining a presentable appearance for every meeting of the day.

Personal Grooming

If the latest fashion trend is not for some, it has to be salespeople. They proudly present themselves with neatly combed hair, clean and moisturized face, well-manicured fingernails and clean white teeth.

Smelling Good

They wouldn’t be found dead, smelling of sweat, halitosis, or the odor of the last meal. A body deodorant and mouth freshener are travel companions used generously before every appointment.

A Warm, Broad Smile

The charm of a warm smile is an instant hit, and in the case of a salesperson, it is the forerunner of ground-breaking discussions. Flashing their best smile, they have their customer hooked on.

A Confident Handshake

The handshake is slowly moving out – replaced by fist-bumps, hand-on-the-heart, elbow taps, and namaste. But a seasoned salesperson still swears by a firm handshake that radiates confidence, positivity, and a great attitude.

Physical appearance sure brings about a feel-good factor, but it does not end there, and the following qualities can vouch for that.


Nothing stands the test of time than trustworthiness. An honest salesperson tells the customer only what is totally true about the product promoted. Loss of integrity in this area can take future business along with it.

Product Knowledge

Salespersons must be subject to thorough product training before venturing into the field. Lack of product knowledge and inability to answer product-related questions are instant put-offs.


Many a sale goes down the drain simply by making the customer wait. A salesperson who shows up ahead of schedule demonstrates respect for the customer and professionalism in attitude.

Communication Skills

Communication is a skill by itself and must be imparted to and mastered by salespersons. Effective communication is not just speaking well-articulated words fearlessly and confidently, but also listening to what the customer is saying and not saying.

Body Language

Having it all right but missing at something calls for a check of body language. It is essential for a salesperson to appear poised, not bossy; humble, not yielding; and dynamic, not restless.

Digital footprint has a bearing on corporate society where brand image is concerned, but the human mind is undeniably partial to what it can physically interact with. The result: a brand-building strong sales team.

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