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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, goes the famous proverb.  In the corporate community, it translates as, people perform better at work when they have well-timed breaks.  Workplaces have in recent times invested in this aspect of the wellbeing of employees by allowing them to take breaks now and then and appointing wellness departments to make the experience worth it through short events and retreats.

Now while that sounds like a swell idea, not many would have guessed that getting employees to participate in office events is a tall order, and that organizers go berserk trying to make things work. It is way easier to procure permission for employees from their managers, than to get them to stand by and clap, let alone participate.

Understanding the need for a break

Workaholism affects at least 30% of the world population.  Workaholic is not a word everyone would like to be associated with, neither is it necessary nor advisable. Research suggests that regular breaks during work hours make employees more productive. However, it is also true that employees are not always opento the idea and would rather use that time to complete a task at hand and leave for the day.  That calls for action in bringing out the importance of those few minutes of time off the job.

These six tips can help bring the gang on the ground.

Creative events bring participation

People are drawn towards new concepts.  Repeating boring seminars, even if they are welfare-oriented does not get a good reception.  Programs need to be interesting, captivating and thought-provoking.

Route communication the right way

Employees choose to please their managers by staying at their desks, in order to gain their confidence.  No matter how engaging events are, they do not guarantee participation, but a word of motivation from a department head not only makes them feel recognised but also boosts their morale to not only participate but also enjoy an event.So seeking prior permission from department heads is the right way forward.

Commend participation

Appreciation is a winner all the way.  Acknowledging participation and announcing winners, cheerleaders and best performers is as important as getting employees to take part.  After all, who doesn’t like to receive a mail of appreciation, copied to the whole organization?

Use influencers

Most people do not come forward to do anythinguntil they see others do so.  It is the same at the office.  Pick well-known employees who are favourites at the workplace and get them to participate. They will be your brand ambassadors to pull the others in.

Show that the intention is care

Let not the events and programs be the only reason employees get to see the wellness team.  It is a good idea to keep the bond constant by putting up health-related posters, sending financial planning pamphlets, mailing webinars on medical insurance, replacing sweets at the reception with dry fruits and nuts etc. Basically, keep the momentum going.

Be available

Employees need to share their experiences as well as their shortcomings without restraint and it is necessary to be available to receive, respond to and handle each and every situation at hand.  Being exactly where and when it matters makes all the difference.

While corporates are falling in line with the employee-engagement concept, non-participation by employees can dampen the idea.  We recommend these tips to get your team excited and jostling for attention.

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