Simple Productivity Tips for Your Work Life

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  1. Manage Time Wisely – Humans are typically poor multitaskers. Managing your time is critical to improving productivity. The biggest time guzzlers are the unexpected or unplanned tasks, most of which are usually unimportant as well. For example, the urge to read the email that just came in or to peek at the latest notification that pops up. To avoid this, allot specific times for such interruptions, and stay focussed on the task at hand.
  2. Space –Organizing your workspace can drastically improve productivity. Have a clear documentation system for filing, storing and archiving your paperwork and records. This is equally important for storing files on the computer. Having a tidy working desk elevates your mood and improves productivity.
  3. Structure your tasks – Start the day with a to-do list of things to accomplish through the day with a time table. Allot times for email and social media updates. Schedule the more important tasks and remove tasks that are trivial. Close the day by checking your to-do list, organizing your desk space and cleaning out any clutter left over from the day.
  4. Breakdown problems – Reduce big problems into smaller chunks. This will reduce the feeling of overload and the procrastination associated with taking on big jobs. This also helps in reducing the anxiety of having to complete bigger problems.
  5. Schedule regular breaks – Running from back-to-back meetings is not productive, because you get tired and lose focus. Block off time in your calendar for breaks. Taking scheduled breaks helps in staying focussed.

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